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"Jordaan combines ambient/depressive atmospheres with more aggressive and obsessive sounds in order to convey the highly personal and musically coherent side of Jordaan's musicians to their listeners. At the same time, they leave their listeners plenty of emotional space and the possibility to recognize themselves subjectively and intimately in the band's work."

The group's first official release is the EP "An Drone Myda", born in the CasaLuce studio and published in 2011; it is an instrumental work, a stream of consciousness inspired by the concept of 'travel' that guides the listener through a path that recalls cyberpunk, the free and truthful nature of information conveyed by the web and accessible to all, sidereal spaces, and continuous experimental and instrumental research.
The project supports the Hacker Anonimus manifesto in its fundamental ideals of technological democracy.

The presentation of An Drone Myda was included in the opening of Diaframma's concert @Spazio211 in Torino and the EP was immediately played live on various further occasions.

In January 2013, Jordaan won the prestigious Toast Records Award for the track 'Synskin', which is included on 'Sanctity is a way to Armageddon', a split that was released together with the band Ash of Nubia and declared the best instrumental single of 2012 by the historic Turin-based independent label.


The band's first full-length 'Theoretic' is released in 2016, a 7 track instrumental album, strongly evocative, dreamy and psychedelic-inspired, with a distinctly personal and modern tone.
With Theoretic Jordaan sign their first exclusive deal with the Italian label. Argonauta Records for which they will participate in several important live dates, including the Label Festival.

Jordaan ITA 2024
"After a line-up change that transformed the original band into a power trio, Jordaan returned in 2024 with their new album that drew a clear line from their musical past, showing the new, more mature face of the band, unequivocally affirming their will to evolve, their ability to pursue new, broader goals with consistency, determination, cohesion and hard work."
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